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Laura Huston | Direct Sales/Wine Club/Events

Laura Huston spent five years as Marketing and Operations Director for a Seattle-area restaurant group, creating a successful event marketing program and collaborating with Washington’s booming wine industry.

The years in the restaurant lent good experience to wine selection and sales, unique events, and quality craftsmanship. Her work earned awards from Washington Wine Commission as Independent Restaurant of the Year and a Grand Award.

Drawing from her experience and relationships working in Washington’s wine country, Laura created Belle & Bottle.

Belle & Bottle focuses on direct-to-consumer (DTC) engagement between wineries and the rapidly growing market of consumers. Our consulting focuses on providing wineries a clear strategy and focus for your DTC business through events, partner marketing and software implementation.


How are you reaching your customers? Do you have a plan? Belle and Bottle will consult in partnership with our Real Wine Alliance partners, creating a cohesive plan that spans your Distribution and DTC business. By utilizing additional resources to create a comprehensive strategy to grow your sales.


Do you have a clear message communicating your brand? Does your print and online campaign reflect your brand? Using our partner designers we can assist with brand management, marketing materials and online design.

Event Planning

Belle & Bottle can help you create your own unique events, using our expertise and network. From creation and planning through execution, our team can add the extra touches to make exceptional events and provide industry leader partners to your events.

DTC Software

Happy with the performance of your online sales and wine club management? We are constantly working with industry professionals to discover the next best thing and improvements in technology. Based on your specific needs we will recommend a solution that will support your strategy for growth.

Laura Huston

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